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1 Million People have asked for Social Plastic® with a like. Social Plastic® helps improve the life of a person in need, while preventing plastic waste from entering our oceans. 

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To ask for #SocialPlastic on Twitter simply click here and replace “@thebrandyoulove” with the brand’s Twitter handle.

'Thank you Plastic Bank for being a supportive element for us'

‘I’ve been collecting plastic since after the earthquake in 2010. I enjoy my occupation because it helps me with my needs, but also helps me provide for my family. As an entrepreneur I encourage everyone of my peers to recycle and collect plastic. It helps our families, and our planet.’

Lise Nasis

'As a responsible consumer you have the power to use your voice and your vote to create the epic changes this planet needs.'

'Collecting plastic puts food on the table, sends my children to school and helps me rent a home'

‘I live in downtown Port-au-Prince and collect mainly in the Rue Pavée area. Collecting plastic is my life, it’s what I know how to do. Even when I travel, when I get back I will continue collecting. Picking up plastic means work for me, an income and cleaner environment. The support Plastic Bank gives means a lot to me.’

Darismond ‘PhoPho’ Faukes