Go Plastic Neutral

Help Stop Ocean Plastic. Neutralize Your Plastic Footprint.

The average person uses 84 kg of plastic per year. Your plastic neutral contribution will reward the extraction of an extra 84 KG (4,200 bottles worth) of Ocean-bound plastic from the environment.

How It Works

Your offset is priced at $0.52 per kg and based on an average annual individual usage of 84 kg.  Your contribution flows directly into payments made to our Collectors.

Traditional market prices in areas where we work are too low to motivate community members to become Collectors. As a result, plastic continues its journey to the oceans.  By paying a premium on top of the market rate, using your Plastic Neutral pledge, we incentivize Collectors and create a meaningful, dignified, and stable source of income for their families. Once the true value of plastic waste is revealed, it becomes too valuable to leak into the ocean.

Social Plastic rewards also help lift our Collectors out of poverty.  Your Plastic Neutral contribution helps our Collector community increase their income and provides access to life necessities, fresh food, clean water, electricity, and more — using our resources, they can even send their kids to school.