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Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

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Shaun Frankson’s Bio


Shaun Frankson is the co-founder of The Plastic Bank and project lead on a game changing Blockchain platform, in collaboration with IBM, designed to STOP Ocean plastic and reduce global poverty.


He is commonly known as a modern day strategy guy and growth hacker. He created the brand strategies to introduce Social Plastic® to the world, resulting in a multi-million person movement. As the previous Vice President of Nero Global Tracking, Shaun specialized in creating scalable turn-key systems and business processes. He previously created another million person social good “Problem Solvers” movement as an advisor and growth hacker for HeroX, the official spin-off of XPRIZE.


Shaun’s ability to strategize has taken him all over the world, from uncovering poverty alleviation solutions in Haiti, Asia and Latin America to performing custom strategy workshop’s for brands such as Unilever in London, England. He was named an Ashoka Emerging Innovator and, along with David Katz, received the Sustainia Community Award at COP21 in Paris. He has made appearances in the award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean, the reality TV show Dragons’ Den and countless news interviews.


About The Plastic Bank

The Plastic Bank (TPB) is a platform for the world to gather together to alleviate global poverty and ocean plastic through recycling. On a high level, it is a convenience store for the worlds poor that accepts plastic waste as a currency. This global recycling system is sustained through the sale and use of Social Plastic by some of the world’s largest organizations.


Social Plastic’s value is transferred into the hands of collectors, by assuring they receive a consistent, above-market rate for recycling plastics. By revealing the value in waste plastic, TPB help alleviate global poverty while preventing plastic from entering our oceans and waterways.


The value of Social Plastic® goes beyond the commodity price of plastic. Corporations are paying for a genuine social impact. Social Plastic® is the fair trade of recycled plastic. It provides the highest possible positive social impact through the use of recycled plastic.

TPB has inspired a movement, resulting in features in Forbes, TIME, Fast Company, BBC and over 300 other articles from over 25 countries. Social Plastic® has over 1 million Facebook supporters and a collective 1 million Twitter fans between various company accounts, all contributing towards an immediate demand for TPB’s globally trademarked Social Plastic® brand.


Testimonials Quotes

“Shaun is a charismatic ex-rockstar turned modern day strategy guru and growth hacker. His unique strategies are mind blowing while still easy to understand and implement . His speaking workshop was amazing and a crowd favourite. I would recommend him for any conference or corporate event.”
Teresa Laurico – Founder of the SociaLight conference.


“David Katz and Shaun Frankson have scaled up a biz in 18 months that might take others 18 years, while solving a huge problem on the planet. This is a billion dollar venture in the making”

Verne Harnish – Author of The Rockefeller Habits, Founder of Gazelles.


Speaking Topics


Topic 1:
Strategize the s#!t out it: The art of gaming anything that matters

I’m a big believer that success comes from your DNA. (Your default natural advantage). I came to realize that my DNA is a strategic mind that could game anything and there was a repeatable formula to my successes. I didn’t just plan, I strategized the sh#!t out of everything amazing and continuously learned to get better and better at doing it. I started teaching my methods as a means to continuously challenge myself to simplify the complex into a learnable and repeatable universal strategy. I have now made a career of changing the world through epic strategies.


To Strategize the Sh#!t out of something to work backwards from the adaptive ideal, reveal the possibility paths within the paths, and game the interconnected system until diminishing returns.


For any social media aficionados looking to perform a little R & D and rip off and duplicate my personal play book. Don’t worry. My keynotes and workshops will not disappoint. I promise to only leave out the boring stuff.


In addition to sharing my blueprint for personal fulfilment I detail some of my original PR, sales, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook strategies that I developed to launch 2 global social good movements.


But whether you even use social media or not is not what’s important. Any time you hear a strategy, it’s not always about copying it exactly. Instead you should always listen to reveal the relevant strategy. The aspect of a particular strategy that can be adapted and applied to something relevant to you.

The more I speak to audiences and help others through their businesses & lives, the more I realize just how transferable my personal playbook and methods to strategize the sh#!t out of things are to any situation.


Topic 2
Movement Marketing: Attracting a tribe to produce amplifiers and tangible demand.


I have found creating a business that markets products is like pushing a boulder up hill. However, creating a movement around your product or service is like pushing a snowball down hill. Once it gains momentum it becomes exponential. I provide a tool kit of strategies to attract a tribe of amplifiers and build tangible demand for your product or service.


Each unique target market requires a unique game plan. My movement marketing keynotes and workshops are designed to inspire you to reveal the relevance in the strategies I have created and uncovered to empower and inspire you to lead your own local or global movement.


Topic 3
The Story of The Plastic Bank & the Social Plastic Movement: Alleviating extreme poverty, ocean plastic, and new plastic production through a for-profit Social Enterprise.


As the chief strategist and co-founder of The Plastic Bank I have made a significant contribution towards our epic results since day one. I coined the term Social Plastic® and created a multi-million person movement of consumers demanding for brands to use our globally trademarked Social Plastic®.


I have spent time in the slums of Haiti, Peru, Colombia and other countries learning to reveal the value in waste and to uncover creative business solutions to improve the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged people.


Our brand strategies have attracted some of the world’s largest partners including Unilever, Procter and Gamble, government organizations, and World Vision.


I tell an epic tail of launching an award winning global social enterprise from the ground up.


Topic 4
Social Enterprises, Social Good Consumerism, and the Social Good Paridigm: How ALL 7 billion people can thrive on a healthy planet.


“The future is better, faster, cheaper, cleaner social good consumerism.”
In our globalized interconnected world, you are directly affected by the total number of minds working towards innovations and solutions. There is a declining window of time to prevent or cure many of the environmental, resource, and health issues that will directly effect YOU or someone you care about in the next ten years and beyond.


With over half of our planet living in poverty we have an untapped potential to exponentially increase the number of minds innovating and decrease the time until many of our most damaging issues are solved. With a collective effort, all of our worst case scenarios can be prevented or corrected before they reach a point of no return. Simply put, more minds equal more solutions more often.
Once you realize the impact that global poverty and sustainability has on your quality of life, you will understand how damaging it is not to proactively contribute to accelerating the current trend towards a social good movement.


Companies only produce what consumers will purchase. Your habits, influence and buying power directly impact the timeline until companies compete on social good as a requirement for profitable long-term business. As corporations continue to become more influential than governments it is critical to increase the accountability for businesses to exist to provide a positive impact while making a sustainable product. We are trending towards better, faster, cheaper social good options which will empower consumerism and corporate power to become the driving force for a healthy sustainable human race.


A social good movement is possible, it directly affects your quality of life, and your actions directly affect the timeline until the social good movement reaches it’s tipping point in which social good becomes a defining part of the culture of humanity.


It is not easy, but it is possible for ALL 7 billion people to thrive on a healthy planet. I invite you, to let my inspire your audience to play a part in this solution.

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